In the book Raising a Modern-Day Knight, the author Robert Lewis mentions the importance of creating a symbol or crest that represents you and your son(s) vision of manhood.


Creating a Coat of Arms (or family crest) that depicts you and your sons’ commitment to biblically-based manhood can generate great conversations about what real men are and what they represent.


Below are helpful links and information to help kick start your project.  Remember, this is a process—nothing that has a deadline.  However, it should put some ‘flesh & bones’ to your discussion with your sons about the four definitions of manhood. 


If your son is pretty young, you may like to wait until they are old enough to grasp the manhood-definition ideals so they can help with the design.  However, in the meantime, you might like to pull this site up as it is an easy interactive way to get them excited about being a part of the process.


Here are some other sites you all may wish to visit:  and


These sites give meaning behind the different shapes and colors that are often found on coat of arms. This is helpful if you will be making something from scratch and want to find the right symbol/color to depict your vision of manhood.


This next site also has a way of creating a coat of arms with some examples for RMDK.


Also, you may very well have a family coat of arms that could work for you or give you a good head start on making a variation of your own.  Go to this site and type in your surname (last name) in the search box and see what comes up.  My sons and I decided on using our family’s coat of arms.  After pulling it up and matching the colors and symbols to their meanings we were quite happy with it as is.  Especially since it has 3 crosses to depict my two sons and myself on a blue field which represents Truth & Loyalty – key attributes of knights.  And the big cross in the background we see as Christ. Even the type of the helmet fits in as its style is referred to as a ‘chevalier’ which is French for Knight.  I added the motto: “Fidelis ut Rex” – Latin for Loyal to the King.


Use Google's translator if you want to see your phrase/motto in Latin – always sounds cooler in Latin:


Have a good time with this with your sons and see what you and your knights-in-training can come with.  Feel free to email examples of what you’ve created and I’m happy to post them with any explanation of colors and symbols you send along.