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Visioneering for Parents

Visioneering for Parents provides insights into your parental role of reflecting God’s image to your children. You will learn key strategies in implementing teamwork with your spouse in applying Near & Far Love concepts. Through these Biblical insights you can craft a preferred future for your child.

Starting with the 4th session, the focus shifts to equipping dads and their sons in becoming Real Men (as defined by the author of the best selling book: Raising Modern-Day Knights) in order to provide the spiritual leadership their families need.

The class will run from January 22th to March 19th @ 11am at Capo Beach Church

Book a Raising a Modern-Day Knights speaking engagement


Want to energize dads for their strategic calling with an RMDK motivational speaker?

Presentations available for:

  • Parent conferences (Visioneering for Parents)
  • Men’s retreats
  • Generating interest for the RMDK group study
  • Keeping the momentum going post RMDK study
  • Marking the Milestones: making the most of your son’s journey to manhood


Due to the necessity of raising up our sons as the next generation of spiritual leaders, these presentations are freely offered.  Travel expenses are the only requirement in helping achieve this transcendent cause.


About the speaker:


For over seven years, Dan Kelsay has been passionate for equipping both dads and sons with the truths of authentic manhood. With two sons of his own for motivation, Dan continues to create and present engaging curriculum for:


  • Raising Modern-Day Knight studies & mentoring
  • Parent Conferences
  • Men’s Retreats
  • Dad’s Commitment Ceremonies
  • Sons & Daughters baptism class


Dan loves organizing father & son adventures as well as service-outreach programs, providing dads and their boys’ opportunities to each grow into God’s calling as men.


As an Elder at church, I have seen firsthand the skills Dan possesses in creating and running a father and son ministry.   Dan provides leadership while impacting the lives of numerous fathers and their sons over the years

Kenny Moe

Elder, Shoreline Church


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