Get involved with your son in a noble endeavor that uplifts others.

Robert Lewis wrote:A transcendent cause must be truly heroic, timeless, and supremely meaningful.”


As adults we hope to engage in noble endeavors which measure up to Lewis' description.  For our sons, we want to provide opportunities along their journey to manhood that shift their inward focus toward benefiting others.  Raising Modern-Day Knights looks for service projects that take both sons and dads beyond themselves in fulfilling this ministry’s vision & mission statements.

Service opportunities

Wold Vision

Sponsor a child with your son.

Serve San Clemente

Demonstrate servant-leadership through community service sponsored by your local church.

RMDK Seed Bucket

The Seed Bucket is an exciting way to give a dad access to all the great materials of the RMDK book and video series.  As a ‘transcendent cause’, my sons and I put our accumulated recycling money toward buying Seeds for dads who might not otherwise be able to afford a membership or don't have access to an organized group offering the series.  It is a great way for boys to be involved in spreading the ministry of fathers training up sons to be authentic men in Christ.